How many plastic bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc. are lined up in your bathroom or what about your toothbrushes or disposable razors?  Every day millions of micro-plastics from toiletry products end up polluting the seas.  We cannot afford to let this continue, so here are some ideas as to how we can play our part by changing our habits.

  • Perhaps your favourite shower gel etc. can be bought in bulk or as a refill … or even better
  • Start testing solid products, e.g. an ordinary bar of soap instead of liquid hand soap, a shampoo bar, a face cleansing bar, a shaving bar instead of a tube of shaving cream.  All these products are now readily available in big stores, supermarkets and fair trade shops.
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush or better still a wooden one, made in Switzerland!
  • Prefer products that come in glass jars or bottles or tins.
  • Check the labels of toiletries like shower gels or facial scrubs to make sure they don’t contain  tiny plastic beads and avoid any products listing ‘polyethylene’
  • Use a razor with removable blades rather than disposable plastic razors and blades which are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste.
  • Finally on the subject of waste in general, instead of using disposable cotton wool make-up removal pads, why not invest in a set of 7 washable/reusable cotton pads?!

Please commit to make the effort to start the change and don’t hesitate to share your own creative ideas.