Livestreamed Christingle Service and a message from Dave Tomlinson

The first service we streamed live on Facebook was our Christingle on Sunday 13th December! We collected candles and ribbon from the church and made  Christingles in our own homes under the skillful direction of Emily, who explained the significance of every element.

Dave Tomlinson joined us for an evening of Christmas poetry and prose, click here to watch his message for us.

The Bible's bloody bits

The Bible – like sacred scriptures of other religions – contains some problematic passages – and even whole books. Many of these difficult sections seem to suggest that God encourages or even mandates violence. How can and should Christians respond to these ‘bloody bits’? What do they imply for our understanding and interpretation of scripture? Click here to watch this Zoom study session led by Dr Clare Amos looked in detail at some of the problematic passages of Joshua and Judges, and then explored the wider implications for our understanding and use of the Bible.  Click here for the handout.


Cate Bichara

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