We hold a variety of services in the Temple de Gingins in Switzerland and the Eglise Protestante in Divonne, France.

At our 4.00 pm slot in Gingins, these vary between Holy Communion, Family worship and Evening Prayer. The services are led by the Chaplains together with a team of laity and on occasion, visiting speakers. Involvement by church members in leading worship, music and offering reflections contributes to our Christian maturity as a church. This also happens in our small groups where members take turns to lead. Anointing for healing during Holy Communion services offers a chance to receive a touch from God in moments of illness or struggle and is very much valued by all of us. Music is a crucial element as we seek to praise God together, and we are grateful to our gifted musicians for the time they commit to the choice of music and to playing on the day.

We meet on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of the month at 10.00 am in Divonne and offer a rich pattern of worship, with a balance between Holy Communion and a Morning Service of the Word. The latter allows more scope and time for special themes, like Remembrance, and for exploring more music and singing with, for example, Taizé chants, a sung creed and sung responses during prayers. Many thanks to all who participate in worship in whatever way: readings, prayers, dramas, welcome, chalice…This is how we serve God and each other Sunday by Sunday.

Carolyn and Julia


Meet our two chaplains, Rev. Carolyn Cooke and Rev. Julia Chamberyon.

Youth Leader

Meet our our youth leader, Emily Reid.


La Côte Anglican Church is a Christian community committed to growing together in love for God and for our neighbour.

Ministry Team

The ministry team serves La Côte in various ways, including the planning of events during the liturgical year, provision of musical support, leading Sunday services and preaching.


Our Gingins church
Our Divonne church


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