Even if you don’t the following may be of interest!  Did you know that 99% of the chocolate that you find in your local supermarket is made in the global north.  Chocolate production has long been dominated by countries far from where cocoa originally comes from but I have now come across an initiative to start to bring about change.   I’ll let them introduce themselves:

‘FAIRAFRIC CHOCOLATE is a German-Ghanaian social business that is revolutionizing the chocolate world. Africa’s raw materials have always been used primarily for the production of goods in the Global North. That is why it is important to us to go one step further, to process raw materials locally and to transfer the added value as far as possible to Africa. In order to achieve this goal, we produce world-class chocolate in Ghana – from tree to bar. In doing so, we create jobs outside agriculture and multiply local income in the country of cocoa origin. With every purchase of FAIRAFRIC chocolate you help to create qualified jobs in Africa, which in turn lead to higher income, better access to higher education and health care. No development aid, but a real opportunity for change!

The premium quality organic chocolate is produced from tree to bar in rural Ghana in a new solar-powered factory. This wildly increases Africa’s share of the value chain in the chocolate industry. By not only sourcing the cocoa in Ghana but by producing the chocolate from bean to (wrapped) bar in Ghana, FAIRAFRIC has a tremendous social impact, with every bar. 

70% of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa, but less than 1% of the world’s chocolate is made there. We are changing this system. We pay the highest cocoa premiums in West Africa: 600 USD per ton of cocoa. Thus, the farmers can finance second and third degree education for their kids.

FAIRAFRIC couldn’t be any fairer.  It increases income in Ghana by at least $0.50 per bar (compared to $0.01 per average bar of Fairtrade chocolate)’

Don’t hesitate to find out more and see photos on their website and next time you are in Nyon why not drop into the Magasin du Monde, place Bel-Air 4 and try some of this delicious chocolate available in several varieties.