La Côte Anglican Church Community Day 2024 was a truly special time for us all. Reunited together, after a four-year COVID induced break, this moment of contemplation and reflection was led by the Reverend Ray Andrews. Ray joined us from Valencia, Spain to lead us on a spiritual journey to ponder the meaning of “spirituality in our times;” in our frequently extremely challenging times. In the harmonious environment of the Bossey Ecumenical Insitute we considered prayerfully and meditatively Ray’s theme for our day: “Hope and Courage in a Strange Land.” With time for introspection and personal dialogue with our God; and time for sharing our thoughts with our fellows in the congregation; we pondered and prayed on how our Christian faith can help us in these times of change. With space to consider our own personal circumstances, as well as global challenges, we pondered and prayed on how we, as Christians, can ‘dare to hope and seek peace’ today. Ray guided us on our paths to singing “our own unique song” in this miraculous, at times baffling, but always blessed gift of creation we share. Our memorable day of deep thought in which Ray invited us to delve deeply into our souls to seek God’s peace concluded with a Communion centered around the words of Julian of Norwich that ‘All Shall be Well. ’Our heartfelt thanks to Reverend Ray for leading us in this precious time together. Andan equally heartfelt thanks to Liz Bramley for the excellent organization that made this day so very exceptional.