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18:30-19:30, L’Arantèle, Rolle, Book Launch: In and out of the Maasai Steppe

Joy Stephens invites you to join her for an informal Book Launch of her recently published book. The book is about the Maasai in the Maasai Steppe, and the narrative thread follows the lives of members of the Mama Masai women’s groups with whom I was involved – and whose Literacy Project was supported by donations from our La Côte Church! Please click here for the invitation.
If you plan to come to the Book Launch, it will help with catering if you would kindly email Joy [email] if possible. But do just turn up on the day even if you haven’t – that is a perfectly acceptable practice in the Maasai Steppe! And please feel free to share the invitation to all and sundry (also acceptable practice among the Maasai).


where - chez Chambeyron in Divonne
what time
- weather permitting from 17:00 for a swim, otherwise music and food from 18:00 – 22:00, fireworks to finish!
why? - this is a  La Côte family event to fundraise for two charities, show our presence in Divonne, and get together to listen to great music, and share a pot luck supper! Open to all!