We are still looking for a new treasurer for La Côte Church.
La Côte Church Council would like to express their profound thanks to Craig Thompson who has been our Church Treasurer for the last two years. As he now wishes to step down, we are looking for someone or several people to replace him in this important role in our church life. We would be delighted to discuss any of the following options:

  1. A short term replacement – where someone steps in on a temporary basis while we look for a permanent treasurer. The length of this replacement can be agreed in advance.
  2. Someone who would like to learn the role of treasurer.
  3. Someone who would like to take on the role of treasurer and who has experience in this area already.

If you would like to know more about what the role entails or simply discuss this further – please contact to a member of our finance team. Craig Thompson email  ; Geoff Senogles email  ; Philippe Chambeyron email  ; Liz Bramley email  ; Lexa Nicholson  email   ; Mark Warren email  OR Carolyn email  or Julia email .